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Written by Melanie   

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT have any kittens available for sale. Our current litters are SOLD to people on our waiting list. If you are interested in purchasing a kitten from a future litter please go to the FAQ's Tab and select BUYING A SUCHI BURMESE from the drop down options to find out more.



29th Dec 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I have eaten way to much but it was good food so how can one resist? Yum!

One of our customers shared this adorable Christmas photo with me and gave me permission to post it. The family purchased this beautiful chocolate male kitten from me in 2011 and says... 

"Mya has definitely become a part of our family as you can see from the photo attached! He is now desexed and is still a playful little buddy and loves his cuddles...."


It is so lovely to see how burmese can win over the whole family and become such a special part of a home. I think the girls look just gorgeous in their Christmas decorations and adorable smiles. Really nice to see the kids enjoying the festivities! I can't help but laugh at Mya's decorated Party hat! Burmese are so tolerant! Thanks for sharing - brings a smile to my face! 

Maybe next year I will run a Christmas photo competition so we can share similar photos with you all. 

I can't believe another year is nearly over. Where does the time go? We have been crazy busy here at Suchi HQ with Boarding cats, Kittens and Product orders. No rest for the wicked! :)

We are looking forward to meeting the new potential owners of our older litter. The kittens are nearly ready to go and I think the new owners will be waiting many hours watching them get up to their antics. 

We are excited about the pending arrival of a litter that is due early in the new year. If all goes to plan we should have a nice litter of babies in predominantly Brown and Chocolate.

As this will be my last post for 2011 I will take this opportunity to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope that 2012 is full of good times and lots of Purring!  

Thanks for your interested and feedback throughout the past year and I hope you continue to enjoy our posts throughout 2012.


12th Dec 2011

I have been delaying this post... I didn't want to have to share with you all that I lost one of the rescue kittens! Sooo sad! The poor little thing fought so hard but I just was unable to save him! Raising such new kittens by hand is not easy and espically when they had such a hard start. I have found someone I know with another litter of similar age to take on the other little boy and last update was the he was sucking and doing well. He is gaining weight and seems quite active. 

My babies here are doing well and to cheer you all up I have attached some photos.

Below: An adorable little chocolate boy.


Below: The sweetest little Lilac girl


With X'mas basically here I thought I would share some advice from Dr Jon...

It's time to put up the holiday tree. 

While Christmas trees delight us in so many wonderful ways, they can also be dangerous.

In addition to fire hazards, your holiday tree could cause safety issues for your pets. That's why it's so important for pet owners to make sure they have a pet-safe tree.

If you are thinking about putting up your tree, or if you just put it up, take a minute to look over our pet safety tips for your holiday tree. Thousands of Christmas tree related pet injuries are treated every year. We've seen everything from cats eating the tinsel and pine needles or chewing on cords to trees actually falling over on them. It is really amazing to consider all the different problems that a holiday tree can cause. And it's even more amazing how our adorable pets just seem to seek out that trouble! 

I have an important article for you to read - Simple Tips to a Holiday Safe Tree
. Even if your tree is already up, see if it is as safe as it can be. 

Last year I saw an 6-year-old cat that had never bothered the tree before, but this year she ate tinsel off the branches. She couldn't pass the tinsel, so she needed surgery to remove it. She never bothered the tree in 6 years, and then boom - she decided to do something silly. If it happened to this cat, it could happen to your cat. So please make sure your tree is safe. The last thing you need during the holidays is an emergency trip to your vet. 

Please read: http://www.petplace.com/10-steps-for-a-cat-safe-holiday-tree 


I will post again soon.



3rd Dec 2011   

Time for another quick update that is both a little sad but I have some nice news to share also.

Once again we have taken on 2 more dumped kittens. The LAST thing I need at this time of year really but as the only other option was to put them to sleep I just couldn't let that happen without trying to save them and give them at least a chance at life. These little kittens were found on a building site and taken to a vet clinic. I was contacted in the hope that one of my mums would take these little ones on, feed and care for them. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the case and I suspect it is unlikely as we don't have any litters of a similar age. This ultimately means that the chances of survival are dramatically reduced. Being only hours old when taken to the vet the kittens were stone cold and we had little hope they would pull through at all. There eyes are still closed and umbilical cords still attached. It has now been 3 days and although they are both still alive at this point I am trying not to get attached. Hand raising kittens from New born is hard work and often not successful. It is sad but realistic. There is nothing that can replace mums colostrum, warmth, toileting and grooming.

I just wish that pet owners would DESEX their pets. These poor little kittens have to suffer because someone, somewhere was irresponsible and didn't desex their cat/s. Realistically I guess it actually means that 2 people were irresponsible - The owner of the Father and the owner of the Mother, assuming they are owned by two different people.

I understand totally why governments and councils are considering enforcing the desexing of domestic pets prior to sale. We just can't rely on people to be responsible and do the right thing. I have attached a photo of the little ones below. If you have any name suggestions for these beautiful boys please let me know. Assuming they survive we would love to find them loving home when they are old enough - Someone who is prepared to offer them a PERMANENT home and will care/be responsible for these little boys.

Anyway I will keep you in the loop on how things progress in this regard.


I couldn't resist puting up a few more photos of our babies. They are just too cute for words....

This is a Blue boy and a Lilac Girl



They are progressing so well and we are looking forward to contacting the new owners once they have been vet checked. I am hoping to enter these kittens in the FEDERAL Kitten show that is being held early in the new year out Dural way. It has been a number of years since we have never entered a full litter of kittens in a show and I think this would be a wonderful litter to enter so I will plan on doing that at this stage.

Anyway I have lots to do so I had better get back to it.

Have a great weekend and I promise to post again soon.


25th Nov 2011   

Were does the time go... Nearly at the end of November already!!!

Things get quite crazy around here in the lead up to Christmas so I figure this may be one of my last opportunities to post some photos for you all to get your kitten fix...AND I am going to be really cheeky and say that if this little face doens't make you smile and go "Aaaawwww" then there is something wrong with you.... come on! You have to agree that this is just adorable...


Doesn't that little Bear face just warm your heart! I love it! Too cute for words! 

And these two are just adorable....  


We can now confirm we have a pregnancy in progress and by the time these babies in the photos are getting ready to leave us we will have some more new arrivals so that is very exciting. 

We are also really excited about a mating that is going to happen down the track... I will reveal more in a later post but I am so excited about the prospect of a lilac litter of kittens. We have NEVER had this occur before but looking forward to this occurring. It should help our lilac waiting list move along nicely.

We will start our preparations for the 2012 shows soon after Christmas and we are already planning pregnancies accordingly. I expect we will have a couple of litters born within the January and February and I am hopeful we will get a nice range of colours from them but believe Brown and Chocolate to be particularly likely. 

I had better sign off as I have lots to do before the day ends. 


11th Nov 2011  

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks. 

Etiana Tarli went to Melbourne and the breeder is very happy with her. We have had some lovely feedback including "...She is so cute" and lovely stories about her playing chasings with other cats in his home. The breeder commented that she is so sweet and has no fear. She walked into his house like she "ownes the place" and he was enjoying watching her bounce around the loungeroom the day he picked her up.

Sending kittens to other breeders for breeding purposes is always rather stressful as breeders can (and should be) very critical. It is aways hard to know if what I believe to be a stunning show quality cat would be seen in the same way by another breeder. Obviously it is not just the looks that is important but also the blood lines carried and the PURRsonality that comes into consideration. Ensuring that all the boxes are ticked is quite a challenge at times and obviously the last thing any good breeder would want is to send a cat to another breeder and have them be unhappy with what they have been sent.

Having obviously grown up around a lot of animals my 2 and 1/2 year old is usually blasé about the kittens... I guess he sees so many many of them it is like.... "whatever mum!... who cares?" Thankfully I think that it is this fact that saves the cats from constant (loving) torture, which would be expected if the child hadn't grown up around cats/animals. This would also be more likely to occur if a young child only had one animal in the home. Here the attention and affection gets shared around. Ethan loves the animals and is forever telling me they are "hungie" (Hungry) or that they need "Awa" (water) despite the fact that their bowl is still 1/2 full. We have been so persistant with the importance of being gentle and we are thankful that his nature seems to reflect this anyway. He is never left unattended with the kittens as children will be children and I need to ensure that I can monitor all contact to ensure the safetly of all involved.

I think that animals should be a speical part of childhood and I think owning an animal can teach important life skills. Life skills learned through pet ownership will enhance a childs understanding of Relationships, Hierarchy, Respect, Personal Space, Boundaries, Responsibility, Care/Maintanence, Illness etc...which are all vital life skills and part of pet ownership. 

Often our kittens go to home with children so ensuring the kittens are familiar with children is important from that perspective also.

I had some shots of Ethan with the kittens a year or so back (Jan 2010 I think) and thought I would see if he would co-operate and let me duplicate the earlier photos...I managed to grab these shots and thought I would share them with you....



As you can see the babies are now walking and I imagine they will start sampling solid foods within the next week or so. They are gaining weight nicely and mum is very attentive to their every need.

As their coats are still developing I am still not 100% sure on the colour and sex combinations produced but it looks like we have brown and blue kitten in both sexes. 

I will have another update soon and hopefully some very exciting news....something a little different....but we will wait and see! :)




27th Oct 2011  

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the "Part 2" of my last post and before we hit November I should get my act into gear and get posting....

We have a number of lovely stories from people that have recently collected their beautiful Burmese kittens from us but there is one special story that I wanted to share with you all....

Carley and Craig, wonderful customers of ours for many years, purchased a lovely Lilac boy from us back in Mid 2007. Prince settled in well and typically they fell in love with him and decided (like many of you) that one Burmese was not enough and expressed their desire to expand their family by purchasing another Suchi Burmese from us in late 2007. They fell in love with and purchased a little Brown Torite they called Peppa.

Earlier this year I got a call from Carley and was so sad to learn that Peppa, a mischevious naughty tortie, had swallowed a USB stick....whole! Yes you read correctly! Obviously this caused a blockage in her intestine that wasn't instantly diagnosable. Infection soon set in and little Peppa became unsteady on her legs and lost interest in food. Her decline was rapid and she started to have seizures. She sadly passed away at a vet clinic within hours of her first seizure and sadly prior to diagnosis.

Understandably Prince was lost without his playmate and Carley and Craig missed their little girl.

With much excitement from all parties Carley and Craig now have another lovely torite to keep Prince company and I don't think I have ever seen anyone as excited as Carley was when she met her new little girl. I received this beautiful email from Carley a few days after taking home the kitten they decided to call Jazzi, letting me know how she was settling in....

Hi Mel
We have had such progress overnight. They are now the best of friends!  Playing together. Licking each other. Prince takes a few swipes every now and again but only playful ones. He's now is enjoying snuggling up to her when she is asleep and licking her clean.  They are even eating next to each other now.  Jazzi is so happy and content. She isn't scared of Prince or Kimble at all and is fitting in beautifully. She loves running up and down the stairs with Prince chasing after her.
That took less time than we thought actually! 
Jazz is just so pretty and since she got here has known how to use the kitty litter and where her water and food is.  It's just been a breeze.
we feel so blessed and very lucky that we continue to get these beautiful kitties from you! She is just perfect. :-)


I was just so chuffed to have such a happy ending to this story and it is with Carley's permission that I share this experience in the hope that other pet owner can be aware of these dangers. Thank to Carley for sharing this story and experience with us all.

Well onto other news....I thought I would share a new YouTube video with you all of the lovely little Lilac tortie girl Suchi Etiana Tarli  that is going to a breeder in Melbourne. Check it out here:

Suchi Etiana Tarli 

I took this video purely for some close up shots of her head and vision of her coat and profile so that the breeder could get an idea of her characteristics. He is very happy and excited to have her as part of his breeding program

And for some more happy news....

We have babies.... Yes some new arrivals are creating lots of excitement around here at the moment. Check them out.... 


Mum has decided that they belong in the bottom of my cupboard on a skirt of mine that she purposefully removed from the hanger somehow. Not my idea of a wonderful spot but we will live with it for now (typed while rolling my eyes and shaking my head) :).

I am still yet to confirm what colour and sex combinations we have but I suspect there are more girls than boys and by the looks of things we have a nice range of colours including Brown, Blue and either Chocolate or Lilac. Time will tell I guess!

Well I had better go and feed everyone before the day ends.

I will update you all again soon with more news.

Happy Halloween and a special Happy Birthday to my gorgeous friend Naomi who lives in Adelaide and celebrates her Birthday this Sunday!



18th Oct 2011 

I have so much news to share and so little time to share it in so I will see how far I get and post again soon if I run out of time....

Our "Cream Girl" litter have all gone to their homes except a lovely Lilac Tortie girl that is going to a breeder in Melbourne. This beautiful girl is pictured in the photos from my post on the 4th of October - (See below - Black background). The new owners seem thrilled with their new additions and all the kittens seem to have settled in SO EASILY. I am not aware of any "accidents" (touch wood) and believe that the kittens have made themselves right at home. All are eating well and enjoyed exploring their new homes. One of the kittens headed to a new home in QLD and seemed to handle the flight all in his stride. 

Annie and Prue our beautiful retired breeding girls have also headed to a home in North NSW and they have settled in so well. The new owner went to the trouble of flying down her to pick the girls up and flew them back with her. I have had plenty of updates and the girls were playing chasings this morning and seem to be really settled. I was sad to see them go and needed a few tissues at the airport but I couldn't have hoped for a better home and the girls seem really happy there. I know they will get much more one on one time with their new owner than I could hope to offer thie girls here. The new owner has had cats all her life and also has previous burmese experience...infact there are some cats in common in the blood lines of my girls and her previous burmese which was sold to her by the breeder of Zinnia and Tilly which is lovely. The girls have had no problems finding a comfy spot on her lap and have been enjoying a wonderful diet. I will post photos and more updates on them down the track.

I thought I would quickly share with you some examples of the difference between Red and Cream Burmese... A lot of people get this confused- including breeders and I must say that even I have been known to change my mind as the kittens grow in the past.

Below is a couple of photos of a Red 7 week old kitten (right) with a  Cream 11 week old kitten (left). As you can see there is a lot more depth to the red and this will darken further with age usually.



Then from the TOP looking down - again the Cream kitten is on the Left and the Red kitten is on the right.


The Red kitten is from our current and only litter here at the moment and we are in the process of having the litter vet checked and sorting out potential homes for these beautiful babies.

Well I have to duck out so I had better run but as I still have more news to share I will be sure to post again soon. 


4th Oct 2011 

Before our older babies leave us for their new homes I thought I would share some photos with you all that were taken by a friend of mine, Aurelie. Aurelie is a photographer and kindly offered to take some shots for me. Aurelie's does beautiful family portraits and has worked extensively with animals. Her website is http://www.littletoadphotography.com for anyone that is requires the services of a photographer in the Sydney/Central Coast area. 

This first photo is of Lilac and Cream kittens with 2 of our baby Faverolle chickens. Way too cute hey!!! We are starting to find homes for our little chickens and hopefully their new owner will be enjoying eggs from them in no time. 



Below: This is a lilac tortie girl at 9 weeks.


Below: This is a lilac tortie girl at 9 weeks. 


Below: blue and lilac kittens

Below: blue and lilac kittens




1st Oct 2011

I couldn't help myself.... I just had to share some photos with you all. These photos are of a beautiful Blue girl by the name of Alice. Alice and her beautiful house mate Monty (a Lilac boy from Minky and Caspian) are boarding with us at the moment.

Alice is the litter mate/Sister of Sarge (owned by Kitty Flanagan). I thought this girl was such a lovely looking lady. She has the most amazing eye colour for a blue burmese and these photos don't do them justice. 





Speaking of Sarge....the handsome young man has also been with us for a visit recently and he is looking as handsome and ever I must say. He really has a beautiful face and his soft coat is just to die for.

Sarge and Alice's sister (a beautiful chocolate girl by the name of Suchi Pippa Rae [Mia]) is showing all the signs of pregnancy and I thought we would have plenty of expectant Suchi parents out there excited to know that we are expecting predominantly Chocolate and Brown kittens from this litter. I will post some photos of this beautiful girl on our Studs and Queens page within the next few weeks. 


28th Sept 2011

Well here we are at the end of the month already. Where does the time go? 

I thought I would just take a quick minute to make everyone aware of some D.S.H (Moggy) cats that are in need of a home.... A wonderful woman who has been running NORTH SHORE CAT RESUCE is selling her home and moving back O.S. The cats in her care are in desperate need of a home as soon as possible and we would hate to see any of these animals go to the RSPCA.

Cats available through her can be viewed on Saturday mornings at Normanhurst Vet hospital. If you or anyone you know is in a position to offer one of these animals a permanent loving home please contact Nicola or Normanhurst vet (9489 6000) for further information.

Back to Suchi burmese and all that is going on here...

It looks like we will adding another Celebrity Suchi Burmese Owner to our "Celebrity Suchi Owners" Page. I will keep things on the low down for now but I will post more soon. 

Considering I broke my promise to post more photos in my last update -SORRY!!! Here are some rather rushed Thumbnail mobile phone photos of our younger litter...sorry they aren't the best quality but it should give you a sneak peak anyway



Our oldest litter have all been vet checked and have passed with flying colours. They are all developing nicely and I am really happy with their progress. They are now preparing to go to their new homes and we have lots of very excited NEW SUCHI BURMESE OWNERS! So nice to see. 

We have had some lovely feed back from clients about both our website and regarding kittens they have recently purchased kittens from us....

Rina says.... (via email) "Phoenix has settled in so well :) She is an absolute joy to have in our family. She has even won over my father who is now seriously considering purchasing a kitten for himself and my mum"

and this email from a customer about our website and products....

Hello Melanie, WOW finally I have found someone who makes cat hammocks. Not only cat hammocks, but the real good quality type that I have been searching for, for a long time now. They look awesome!! Congratulations on such a fantastic job you do on them! Also, what a super web site you have that is so easy to read, full of great information & wonderful products. You should be VERY proud of yourself........
Thanks for your time & also thank you again for such a great web site which I love getting on every day to have a read & look at all the gorgeous photo's.

Take care, Jo x (Melbourne) 

We love getting feedback and appreciate any thoughts and suggestions put forward so PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING. 

Well I have a hungry toddler and cats to feed so I have to run and will post again soon.


15th Sept 2011

For all of those eager beavers on our waiting list I have some news you may be interetsed in. I am currently working on some short informative videos to help answer some of the most common questions I get asked...such as....

What to feed your new kitten

How to prepare for your new kitten

What litter tray should I buy?

What Scratching pole should I get? 

Cutting my cats claws.

Giving tablets... And so many more topics.

These short informative videos will be compiled into a dvd that will be included in the kitten pagages we offer and will also be available for sale.

For a sneak preview on the 2 minute clip discussing "What scratching pole should I get?" check out  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz9tUVUyZOQ

Let us know your thoughts... We would love to get your feedback and suggestions on topics you wish us to cover in our series.


11th Sept 2011  

Since I have more news I figured I had better jump on and give you all an upadate...

Our oldest litter have all gone to their new homes with Glowing reports...

One of the New owers Marcelle sent me this lovely email...

"Just to let you know what a delightful little fellow you have bred. He is confident (didn’t hear a peep all night when he was left alone in the bathroom  with his soft toy and bed) and so very relaxed, snugly and affectionate with all of us. He eats heaps and drinks and uses his litter like it was an old habit!

(2 poos already) .... Amazing. To add to this he is so much fun. The girls have been playing with him all day except when he catches a nap..


Congratulations, well done!


I also received a lovely SMS and photo attachement from another owner of a kitten from the same litter...

"Hey Melanie :) We are all home safe and Phoenix (Brown female) has settled in well, had a meal, checked out the house and is now playing with my mum (I'm not sure who is having more fun lol) Here's a shot of her hiding in the shaggy carpet before jumping out at her toy ;) I can't wait for the kids to meet her. Thank you so much.



I get such a buzz when I hear how the new kittens are going with their new families and it is so lovely to see the new owners spoiling them. Warms my heart - THANK YOU for sharing your story.

As planned.....one litter goes another arrives and we have a lovely litter of babies from our first time mum Indi that are doing exceptionally well indeed so we now have two litters to keep us out of mischief. It is nice to have one older litter and one younger litter...The new borns aren't too much work with our dedicated girls taking good care of their precious bundles. Once the kittens start eating solids they also start using the litter tray as mum refuses to deal with that side of things then... (can't blame her for that I guess!) and that is when all the fun starts and the hard work kicks in. 

Once the kittens start eating solid food they require 4 meals a day and continued contact to ensure they are well socialised and affectionate. The litter tray needs constant attention to remove the solids and must be ENTIRELY cleaned out twice a day at least to ensure hygene and no bad odours. Lots of work but it is rewarding to see the kittens at 10 - 12 weeks when they are getting ready to go to their new homes.

We have also mated 2 girls over the past few weeks but are yet to confirm the pregnancies. Never a dull moment around here I tell you and by the sounds of things plenty to look forward to over the coming months.

I will post another update again soon and promise to attach photos of the babies we have here at the moment.



25th Aug 2011 

Here we are again... Time has flown by as usual and I must do another post so you can get all the goss.

I have enjoyed calling the new owners of our oldest litter this week. I have to hold the phone about 2 feet away from my ear at times so the squeels of delight don't send me deaf. I know it is hard to wait... but the time will fly and hopefully you will then enjoy 12+ years of your Suchi Burmese...see a couple of weeks wait doesn't look so bad after all does it!  

I must say it it is so nice to see people REALLY SPOILING these kittens. With litter hider boxes and huge scratching poles being ordered, along with just about every product imaginable!!! It makes it easier for me to part with them knowing that they are going to be living a pampered life with loving owners that will care for their every need... There are times I wish i believed in reincarnation and could request to come back as a cat and live with some of the Suchi Burmese Owners. Thank you for spoiling them SO MUCH! 

We were so excited to see Kitty Flanagan show off her Suchi Burmese "Sarge" again on 7pm Project (Tuesday last week)... see the clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9meUX4PyyG4 . I must say Sarge is quite a handsome cat indeed. Just quietly...I think he is very spoilt too! To see Other T.V appearances and mentions of Sarge go to the "My Friends" tab and click on "Kitty's Sarge on TV". Thanks to Kitty who sent through the photos she used on this recent ep. so that I can share with you all. Love her work!  


Well there is plenty more to tell but I have to run... lots to do and I love keeping you all in suspense! Haa haaaa.... Gives me something to tell you next post! YAY!!!!

Enjoy this beautiful sunny day and I PROMISE to post again soon!!!


13th Aug 2011

Well demand is high indeed!!! Considering the interest and the amount of emails received since posting only this morning I figured I had better put up some additional photos of the new arrivals....

So here you go all you eager beavers... 





We have primarily Cream kittens in this litter although we do seem to have a blue boy and a lilac boy pictured above. Ohhhh. So sweet! 

13th Aug 2011  

Wow, I can't believe how time flies. I could have sworn I only placed an update a week or so back but I guess time has just escaped me.

Looking back I can't believe how much has happened since my last post back in late July.

Our babies are coming along famously! They are getting so big and eating me out of house and home. They are just adorable... Check them out...



We are in the process of confirming homes for these guys and expect final vet checks to occur in a few weeks. 

As I said...so much has happened since my last post....we have some new babies. Lots of cream kittens and for the FIRST TIME HERE AT SUCHI HQ we have produced CREAM FEMALES! SOOOOOO EXCITING! Check out these little darlings.....



Well I had better go and check their weights for today and clean some litter trays. Fun, Fun, Fun...lucky they are cute!  


27th July 2011  

It has to be time for another update! I must be receiving all your "please up date the New Litter page" vibes! :)
Well we are plooding along at the moment but this is going to be the calm before the storm I think. We have 2 girls pregnant and one of them looks like she is going to explode!!! I often question if she is actually pregnant or if she managed to swallow one of the Watermellons from our vege patch! 

From my genetic understanding I believe we are looking at blue tortie and/or Lilac Torti girls, Cream Females and Blue and/or Lilac  males and Cream Males depending on the genetic makeup of the sire (which I am a little unsure of as I have never used him before). I guess I should know in a couple of weeks.... ;)

The other pregnancy is likely to produce a Rainbow litter with Every Colour possible. The only Colour/Sex combo that is impossible from the mating will be Red Females and Cream Females but we can get (and expect) Red and cream Males. So excitied to see what is produced.

I will post more on these litters once they have arrived.  

As I know you all LOVE kitten pics here are some photos of Electra's litter.... Just too cute for words aren't they!


They are now out and exploring. They are walking around and just starting to play fight! So cute! I can't believe how fast they are growing. 

I hope to have another update on them soon.


9th July 2011  

After the constant requests for photos of the babies I have finally got 5 minutes (before my Mother-in-law arrives from interstate) to upload a couple shots taken over the past week. Starting from New born little wrigglers through to open eyes and growing fast all in such a short time..


Mummy Electra is being a good mum watching her babies and rarely leaving their side....


Electra is the daughter of Pistache and I am hoping one of these babies will be suitable for continuing on these highly sort after lines. Pistche (now retired and living with Samantha and Mark in their house referred to as 'Kitty heaven on earth') not only has the most wonderful PURRsonality but she has always been so healthy and a wonderful genetic outcross to other common lines within Australia which is fantastic for reducing any genetic health problems related to line breeding.

Once these babies have had their vet checks we will start contacting potential new owners.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and having a wonderful weekend. 


3rd July 2011  

Time for another update as I know we have regulars that like to check up on what is happening here at Suchi HQ.

WE HAVE KITTENS.... A small litter of babies have joined the world from a special 1 off litter from the mother and I hope to get some photos up soon.  I am still yet to confirm colours and sexes but it looks like we may have at least 2 different colours and I am guessing we have at least 1 girl but I suspect 2.

The National Show is coming up in just a couple of weeks and we have a couple of our beautiful young ladies entered. With the stiff competition from All over Australia (and possibly some international competition as well) I am not holding by breath on the results but it is always fun to promote this beautiful breed and chat with other breeders and owners. It will be a busy time as I am taking my stall along with plenty of NEW items to sell. 

Better sign off as I have a hungry 2 year old child needing some lunch.

Will post again soon. 


20th June 2011

Well I have been a little slack with my posts recently but we did take a small family holiday and I have been fighting of a nasty cold since our return. Despite a full course of antibiotic I am still coughing and spluttering 3 weeks later and am desperate to recover fully! Well enough excuses... your here to read about cats not my cold! ;)

We have some very exciting news to tell so this should be worth the wait... 

There are kittens on the way... we have a couple of pregnancies in progress and expect some rainbow litters including Brown, Chocolate, torties, Lilac and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER FOR SUCHI BURMESE.....We are expecting the arrival of some CREAM FEMALE KITTENS! SOOOOO EXCITING! As we have never produced Cream females in the past. If anyone that is already on our waiting list is interested in a CREAM FEMALE please let me know so that I can update the waiting list. 

We are also eagerly anticipate the arrival of a lovely brown breeding female that is coming to us from Melbourne. This beautiful girl by the name of Ebony is joining our breeding program as a outcross to our current lines. She has a stunning pedigree behind her and we have high expectations for her babies. We will post photos of her on our STUDS and QUEENS page under the ABOUT ME tab in the coming days.

We have entered our beautiful SATI in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS SHOW that is coing up in a few weeks and have also entered a brown female kitten from Annie's last litter. Hopefully they will represent us well on the show bench.

Finally, we are looking for a lovely PERMANENT home for two retiring queens - Annie our beautiful Chocolate girl and Prue our super affectionate brown tortie girl have represent Suchi burmese on the show bench and produced some lovely kittens for us over the years but it is time for them to enjoy their retirement and find a loving pet home to give them the attention they deserve. We would dearly love to see them go together as they are souch good friends. There is more information on these pedigreed, award winning girls under the MISC Menu: Burmese Needing a home. If anyone is interested in them please contact us for further information.


25th April 2011 

I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter. If you are anything like me you have eaten WAY TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE yet strangely enough I think I could still eat more! YUM! :) Thanks to all my lovely customers that delivered lovely chocolate treats. Nathan, Ethan and I have over indulged!

We have been frantic with all the school holiday/Easter boarding cats. It has certainly been a busy time for us but it is lovely having all our babies come back for a vist. I also love seeing how they have developed and grown since they left us.

Our kittens are coming along nicely and I am looking forward to attending a couple of shows over the next few weeks with the Bathurst show next on the agenda.

I have arranged to send one of our beautiful girls off to a very handsome husband (yes it is an arranged Marriage but I am sure both parties will aprove haa haaa) in a few weeks and this boy is a highly awarded Cream boy. He has already achieved a CCCA CH. & GL DB GD CH. (CCCA CH - Coordinating Cat Council of Australia Champion & (GL - Gold, DB - Double, GD - Grand, Ch -Champion). I am really excited about what we are likely to produce from this mating as I expect the kittens will be absolute stunners.

I am also about to mate another girl to Solly and am looking forward to more Brown and Chocolate kittens from that mating. 

Well I had better run and go clean some litter trays and feed the kittens.

Will post again soon. 


1st April 2011

I figure you all must be in need of another update and I know everyone gets a BUZZ out of new kitten photos so you are in for a treat....

Well we have 2 litters on the ground at the moment and there is a bit if an age gap between them which is nice. Both litters are progressing so well. We are hoping to have vet checks done when they are about 7-8 weeks and we will then be confirmin homes for this lot.

It looks like we have a bit of a mix in the way of color and sex combinations including with a number of Brown kittens, a Blue and a Chocolate. These guys come from stong lines and are so affectionate already which is just adorable. I love their little purrs!  

Check out these cute shots.... 



21st March 2011 

Well I am slowly coming back to earth after our success at yesterdays BURMESE SPECIALIST SHOW - See the results and awards posted on the SHOWS and AWARDS page under the ABOUT ME menu. Very Exciting and we are so appreciative to the Breeders we work with that have made this success possible!  Thanks to all the Suchi Owners that turned up to the show to support us. It was wonderful to have you there. I am hopefull that some of our Suchi Owners will enter their kittens and cats in next years show.

Our baby kittens are doing exceptionally well and progressing nicely and we are hoping to confirm colour and sex combinations within the next couple of weeks. It looks like we may have brown kittens, possibly a blue and either a chocolate or a lilac. We will just have to wait and see. They are just starting to poke their heads out and explore the big wide world that is our house. They are just too cute fore words.

We are also hopefull that we have another pregnant queen and we are looking forward to Mating Sati and Indi in a few months time and have high hopes for their babies after the awards they won at yesterdays show.

Will post another update again soon.



14th March 2011 

SLACK, SLACK, SLACK! I Know!!! I am so bad.....

Ok...well just so that you can forgive me for taking so long to post another update I have some exciting news... K.I.T.T.E.N.S.... Yes it is true! We have more babies...SOOOO exciting. Our fat little sausages are just devine. Check out these adorable photos....


I am also very proud of Sati's achievements at the Siamese and Shorthair show yesterday. Check out the "Shows and Awards" Page under the "ABOUT ME" tab.



12th February 2011 

For those of you that missed it...

The results from the show have been listed on the "Shows and Awards" page under the "ABOUT ME" tab.

It hasn't made my decision making process any easier and judging by your thoughts... and I do appreciate all the feed back that you have sent... but your all worse than me! :) None of you can make up your mind either. I think a large portion of you think I should keep all 3 girls. We will wait and see what happens at the Siamese and Short Hair and the Burmese Show in a few weeks and we can go from there.

Back to kitten news...

I am looking forward to the pitter patter of little paws again this month and it shouldn't be too long now. With one girl expecting in the near future and another girl looking suspiciously round I think we can safely say that more baby photos are coming soon! Yay.


Haaa haaa I think the cats are giving me the hint.... 

Well I had better get to feeding these starving cats before they do anymore "typing". Will post again soon.


4th February 2011

Well we are hitting a show this weekend with our babies and looking forward to seeing what other beautiful kittens other breeders have been producing over the past few months. There was such tough competition at the shows last year and I don't expect it to be any different this year. It is so lovely to see so many responsible breeders producing such lovely cats. I love just checking it all out and chatting with people that obviously share my passion for such a lovely animal.

We are also looking forward to attending the Burmese Show in a few weeks time. Obviously one of the major shows of the year for us. We are still deciding who we will enter but I would like to see at least a couple of our cats/kittens represented.

Hoping to have some kitten news in the not too distant future also. We mated a couple of girls in January but are still to confirm if Solor has been a true "Stud" or if we should now class him a "Dud" :)

Will post again soon and keep your fingers cross for us on Sunday as we attend the Federal Kitten show.

Melanie and all the Suchi Burmese 


20th January 2011 

Where does the time go? 

I know there are all you regulars out there busting for an update and here it is over 2 weeks since my last update! I know I am in your bad books now but hopefully some photos will make things all better :)

 Indi (torti) and Sati (Lilac girl) are coming along nicely but I am still in a little bit of a predicament as to who I am going to keep and my situation has gotten worse...


I took a look at this little girl (see Flur De Lys below) the other day and thought that I could easily add that darling little face to my family! WHAT DO I DO??? I certainly can't keep them all.....


Maybe I should get you all to vote! I CAN'T decide!!! 

As you can see from the photo above of Flur our kittens are all coming along nicely and some of them are heading home! I am so sad to see them go but know that they all have wonderful homes to go to and hopefully they can come and visit when their new owners go on holidays! 

I am now starting to organise myself for the 2011 show year.  Once I have made a decision on which of the 3 girls above I intend to keep I will be able to work on who I am going to enter in what shows and what will happen with matings and litters throughout the year.

We have at least one girl pregnant and looking forward to the arrival of her babies in February.

Well I had better go and play with the kittens and make some decisions... what to do!?! 


1st January 2011

I figure being a New Year a NEW PAGE is in order.... Nothing like a fresh start... 

I had every intention of wishing everyone Seasons Greetings/Merry Christmas prior to the big day but time just got away from me. With all the boarding cats here as well as kittens and our cats we are certainly keeping busy at what is always the most frantic time of year for us. I hope that those of you that celebrate Christmas had a wonderful day. I hope santa spoilt you and you were able to spend the day with family and/or friends relaxing. We had a couple of very lucky clients that found out on Christmas day that they would soon be picking up a kitten from us very soon and they are over the moon.  

I guess I can now wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR instead!!!! 2011 here we come! I can't believe how fast 2010 went by... I had so many good intentions for the year that are still on my "TO DO" list! Oh well I guess that just means my 2011 "To Do" list is going to be even longer! :) 

Well I have plenty to tell here considering I am so behind with my updates....

The babies we welcomed into our home back in early November will be ready to go in mid - late January but as we are still to have final vet checks we have held off making official offers for most of these kittens. I am hoping to have the vet checks done in the next couple of weeks which will be a little later than usual but with Christmas sitting right in the middle of things it pushes back everything a bit.

We have had a bit of a tough time with some kitten born quite premature by emergency c-section around Christmas. I guess not everything is ment to run smoothly all the time. The mother cat looked a little off colour and we had some concerns for her health so took her to the vet. The vet and I agreed that an emergency c-section was the best plan of action as we weren't sure what was wrong at the time. We have since worked out she developed a case of pneumonia that was the cause of her feeling a little off. She is now on antibiotics and recovering well. 

We are looking foward to a number of shows that are on in the first 1/4 of the year including the Burmese Show which will be held at Forestville in March I believe.

Anyway I had better sign off and go look after some cats needing some attention.  

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years and wish you all the best for 2011. 

Give you cat a RAW chicken wing from me with a big pat and cuddle to go with it.


Melanie and all the Suchi Burmese Cats. 

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