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New Litter Updates Oct-Dec 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melanie   

Exciting News... Lots happening here at Suchi HQ.  


3rd December 2010 

Well I must be getting soft in my old age. Considering I know my husband doesn't read my website I think I am safe to let you in on my secret....

I am thinking about keeping another baby (Nathan will possibly divorce me if he finds out! :) so Sshhhhh!!!)  and clearly I have developed a soft spot for my NAUGHTY TORTIES... haaaa haaa.

I think I am going CRAZY!!!! 

Here are a couple of photos of her hanging out in one of our TALL MODERN CONDO'S - The kittens and cats here just love them.



16th November 2010  

We have even more big news....

Our current babies are now not "the babies" anymore. We have successfully graduated them into the independant program and they are meeting their new owners at the moment and will be leaving us in only a few short weeks. 

Below: Chocolate boy, lilac boy, brown boy. 


We have welcomed more babies into our home and seem to have mainly girls for a change. And it appears (and I could be wrong) that we may have finally produced CHOCOLATE FEMALES for the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR! YAY!!!! Here is a photo.... Just adorable aren't they!!!


We expect to contact potential new owners in the coming weeks once colour and sex combinations have been confirmed and vet checks have occurred.


Our current waiting list is as follows: 


Colour/Sex    - Helping people that went on our waiting list (mm/yyyy)    - Aprox waiting time based on current waiting list



Red 07/2010 4 - 6 months

Cream 07/2010 5 - 7 months

Brown 07/2010 5 - 7 months

Chocolate   04/2010 7 - 9 months

Blue 04/2010 7 - 9 months

Lilac 04/2010 7 - 9 months 



Blue  05/2010 7 - 10 months

Blue Tortie 07/2010 3 - 5 months

Brown 05/2009 16 - 20 months  

Brown Tortie 07/2010 3 - 5 months 

Chocolate 03/2010 8 - 10 months 

Chocolate Tortie 07/2010 3 - 5 months

Lilac 10/2009 12 - 14 months

Lilac Tortie 07/2010 5 - 7 months 

(Note: At this time we do not produce Red or Cream Females) 


Hope our photo updates bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

Melanie and all the Suchi Burmese. 


10th November 2010 


I am so excited to announce that we have decided to keep a lovely little lilac girl from a recent litter to become part of our breeding family. We have been toying with giving up breeding recently but this little girl has captured my heart and has been the inspiration behind the decision that we will continue on for now.

Sativa (Sar-ti-va) is the daughter of Tilly and Solor and she is a devine little creature that is just a delight. Sativa has a gentle, chilled out nature like both her parents. Her favourite place to sleep is under our Entertainment unit in the Loungeroom where she can peer out on the world from her warm and secluded hidyhole! At this early stage she has the characteristics that we are looking for in a top quality Show/Breeding cat and we have high hopes for her future.

We expect Sativa will produce her first litter of kittens for us in Mid 2011 and are looking forward to seeing what little bundles she produces. At this stage I would guess we can expect mainly Chocolate, Lilac, Blue and Brown kittens from her. Sativa will make her show debut in early 2011. We wish her the best of luck and will post her achievements on the Awards page. 



4th November 2010 

Well it must be that time again... and as it is now close to 1am  and the rest of the familly is in bed I finally have a chance to give you an update!

Our babies seem to have settled very well into their new homes and the new owners seem very smitten indeed.

Our current babies are full of beens. They are so eager to please and now developing an appetite for solid foods. Get a giggle watching their first attempts when they stick their enire face into the sloppy kitten mix and come up covered! I thought I was a messy eater! :)

These guys will have their vet checks within the next couple of weeks and we can then start to arrange for the potential new owners to come and visit them.   

We have another litter "baking" and I will let you all know when the new arrivals have joined the world. 

26th October 2010

I apologise for my tardiness in getting this post up! I have been run off my feet and as I am sure you can appreciate my website posts arn't high on my priority list. My famiily, the kittens, cats and other animals must come first.... but I am here now and know that you are all BUSTING for another update....

Our oldest litter have started going to their new homes and seem to be settling in well. The new owners are sooo excited about their babies and we are looking forward to getting updates from them over the years. 

Here are some photos of  our current babies. They are just too cute and I am hoping we may even see a couple of these on the show bench if the new owners are willing to show them. They are very enquisitive and have such PURRsonality. I am sure the new owners will be happy to finally see some photos of these guys... We expect they will be ready to go to their new homes in December.

Below L-R: A Lilac boy, Brown boy and a Chocolate Boy. 


18th October 2010

The owners of our older litter should be getting excited as the babies are nearly ready to go to their new homes. This litter is just going great guns and we hope to have thier final vet check done this week. They all have very healthy little appetites and all the kittens are now over a kilo and sporting pot bellies that even put my 1 year old sons pot belly to shame! Sooooo Cute! :)

Our new additions are also progressing nicely. Although they can't really walk as such they mangage to get around amazingly well.  I will get some photos up of them in the next 48 hours.

We can now also confirm that we are expecting another bundle of furry additions in early November.  We are so excited as this will be a new mating for us and we can't wait to see the beautiful kittens produced. We are desperately hoping for girls as we have produced mainly boys from the past 3 litters. We have a number of people patiently waiting for Chocolate, Blue and Lilac girls in particular and we have our fingers crossed for you. Going back through my records I just can't believe that I haven't produced a CHOCOLATE GIRL this year! Hopefully this will change with this coming litter! 


8th October 2010

Check out our new videos.

A red boy f.t a cream boy in October 2010! 

Kittens playing in our bathroom - having a big explore!

More coming soon...


2nd October 2010   

Thought you may get a buzz out of this... I filmed our current litter of Suchi Burmese practicing their REVERSING!!! Adorable! LOL

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