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Written by Melanie   



 Check out Catatonia's exciting NEW product

Released in October 2008. 


This fantastic new product will keep your litter box Odor free and will extend the life of your litter material. Using CATATONIA'S KITTY LITTER CLEAN-UP you can easily eliminate, not just cover up those nasty odours.

CATATONIA'S KITTY LITTER CLEAN-UP is odourless and can be used to as odour control in even the cheapest cat litter.

Using zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral found here in Australia this product has the ability to absorb odours and moisture. It is absoloutly safe to use around pets. It contains no chemicals or fragrances.   

CATATONIA'S KITTY LITTER CLEAN-UP is also safe for the environment. Because it does not contain chemicals, it does not harm the soil bacteria, nor endanger the water table.

If you dispose of your kitty litter in the garden, the soil organisms, as well as plants, can use the absorbed odours and moisture as a food source. 


CATATONIA'S KITTY LITTER CLEAN-UP is the easiest solution for your litter hygiene problems. 






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