Access to the 'USER MENU' Print
Written by Melanie   

We have an exclusive menu that appears only after our customer have entered their USERNAME and PASSWORD.

We set our customers up with a USERNAME and PASSWORD once we have received a deposit on a kitten. This menu gives Suchi Burmese owners access to a wide range of care info, health and behaviour topics and a preview of the documentation that is in the folder that we provide when we sell our kittens. There is also all the relevant information regarding our boarding services. 

I have spent uncountable hours gathering and researching these topics and consequently I feel that access to this menu should be exclusive to customers that have purchased a kitten from us. If you are not a Suchi Burmese Owner but wish to gain access to this menu we are happy to set you up with your own personal USERNAME and PASSWORD but charge a $80 set up fee. Please email us and we will issue you with your individual access codes within 3 business days after your setup fee has cleared.






Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 11:52