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Written by Melanie   

I would like to kindly request that people contacting breeders with general enquiries about kitten availability consider the timing of their call.

Breeders do have families and other commitments and phone calls at 7am on Sunday morning or 10pm on a Sunday night for example are not usually welcomed. I have had a lot of calls at very inappropriate times recently including 10pm on the Sunday night of a Long Weekend, 7am calls on a Sunday morning and after 9pm on weeknights. I don't even call my own family after 9pm unless it is an emergency and I would appreciate it greatly if customers would consider anything after 7pm - 'out of hours family time'. Most businesses aren't taking calls after hours every night of the week - neither should breeders.

Given most breeders are taking calls 7 days a week it would be greatly appreciated if people could time their call to be at a respectable hour. 

I encourage people to call the BREEDER THEY PURCHASED THE KITTEN/CAT FROM if they have a question, problem or an issue with a cat they have purchased from another breeder. If they need further help or advice I am more than happy to assist where possible during Business hours Monday - Friday and respectable weekend hours if required. The breeder of the kitten is going to know their lines and the genetics they are working with better than I will. 

I do expect to be on call 24 hours a day ONLY for people that have collected a kitten from me within the past 14 days or if there is an absolute emergency with a cat for a customer that has purchased a Suchi Burmese from me at a previous time. I am more than happy to help my new kittens customers with any problem or concern they have regardless of the time of day. I do certainly expect my new kitten customers to call me prior to seeking any after hours veterinary advice which could leave them considerably out of pocket unnecessarily.

 Once you own a Suchi Burmese you are part of the Suchi Family. Suchi Family is my priority! 

Last Updated on Monday, 11 May 2020 22:31

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