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Hooks and Hanging PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melanie   

We can also supply the hooks if you need them. Alternatively you may choose to use your own systems to hang these super cool hammocks.  
We use and sell these double ended hooks as they are easy to remove and strong. There are also no sharp/exposed
components that could hurt your pet. These hooks are $10 for a set of 4 with any hammock purchase.
Hanging from different surfaces:
We stock and can supply you with a range of hanging alternatives to suit your individual situation....
The hammock obviously should be in a position that is accessible for the cat. Up high so the cat can survey his kingdome and in a warm possibly sunny spot is ideal. A young to adult fit, healthy cat can jump but you can do some little shelves screwed to the wall or home made timber ladders to make the hammock more accessible and inviting. 


 If the pole/bars etc that you intend to hang your hammock from are thick you can always just wrap a bit of cord, rope or a zip-tie around the pole and clip the clips onto that. As long as it is strong enough to support the weight of the cat/s and the hammock itself. This can also be done in a way that means you can adjust the height of the hammock from the ground and it means you can hang a standard size hammocks from bigger distances.... see photo below: There are some issues with this example but it should give you an idea of what I am saying. Firstly I wouldn't recommend the use of Ribbon to hang your hammock. Stong cord or rope would obviously be more appropriate. Secondly if hanging from trees we recommend where possible hanging from thicker branches than the flimsy tree on the left of the photo and hanging from the fork of the tree is ideal so that the rope doesn slip and for extra support. You can make the rope longer or shorter to suit the required distance and your specific situation.




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